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    Pasture Raised Chickens   


Our seasonally raised broilers are Freedom Rangers, a slower growing meat bird. Freedom Ranger birds were derived from an American and European heritage breed that was developed in the early 1960s to meet the high standards of the French Label Rouge Free Range program.These active, robust chickens are suitable for free range, foraging and pasture environments and produce tender, succulent meat with more yellow omega 3 fat and less saturated fat than fast growing breeds.

We have fresh chicken available from May to October. Contact us to purchase healthy delicious chicken today!

Pastured Chicken Price List 2023

Whole Chicken – 6.00/lb

Breasts (Split, Bone In) - $10.24/lb

Wings - $5.50/lb

Thighs - $8.00/lb

Drumsticks - $6.00/lb


Broth Packs (2 backs, gizzards and necks) - $10 each


455 Cheshire Rd

Bunker Hill, WV 25413

Tel: 240-285-8745

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