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Chicken Community Supported Agriculture

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We are excited to continue our Chicken CSA in 2022 with two different options for purchasing fresh chicken!

We are currently accepting registration for a Chicken CSA. Starting May 2023, participate in our whole chicken CSA and save $$ off the regular price. You will get 3 chickens for three weeks each month for six months (May-October) for a total of 18 chickens for the season.

This will guarantee you a chicken on your pick-up week – even if we sell out that day, provide you with a discount, and it helps our farm with early season purchases so its a win/win for all! 

We aim for a 4lb chicken on average though if birds are smaller or larger based on varying growing conditions, actual sizes will vary. At the end of the season, your birds will average out to be 4lbs or larger over the course of the six months. In 2021 the majority of the birds were larger than 4lb which resulted in significant savings.

​Going to miss a week or 2? No problem….you can simply pick-up extra the week before or the week after. Want to pickup once a month? We have that option too!

We will not be accepting preorders this year. Instead, we are only offering a small amount of these Chicken CSAs so get yours while you can!

We will send out a list of pick up dates by the end of March but to give you an idea of approximate dates birds will be available for the first three weekends of each month, unless you chose to pick up all three once a month (then that will be the first full weekend of the month, except for Labour Day weekend).


OPTION A) $375.00 for 3 chickens (whole birds only) a month 

OPTION B) $425.00 3 chickens a month, broken down into:
-  One whole chicken 
-  One 4- pack of thighs
-  One 4-pack of drumsticks
-  One 4- pack of breasts
- One 4-pack of wings
- One soup pack of two backs and giblets.

Please note that Option B is only available for a once a month pick up, NOT for a weekly pick up.

The CSA can be picked up Saturdays at the Charles Town Farmers Market or Sundays at the Shepherdstown Farmers Market. We can also arrange on farm pick up as needed.


We will send out email reminders about pick up but you are responsible for showing up! If you do not pick up your bird, we will not hold it for you and will donate it to the local food bank.

If you cannot make your pick up date due to vacation, we require notice 5 days prior. We will work with you to have your bird ready for when you are available.

Please pay in full by March 1, 2023. We accept cash, check or credit card. Credit cards will be charged a CC-fee. Failure to complete payment by the first pick up date means you are no longer supporting the CSA and all previous payments will not be returned.

We accept payment plans!

Please feel free to text or call Kate at 240-285-8745 with any questions.



455 Cheshire Rd

Bunker Hill, WV 25413

Tel: 240-285-7341

Thanks! Message sent.

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